Time Code Transcription


Flawless Transcription offers time code transcription services starting at $2.15 per audio minute.

Types of Time Code

  • MP3 or WAV Audio Files with SMPTE time code or analog time code burned into the right or left channel of the audio track. 
  • Broadcast WAV Format (BWF) or MP3 where the time code is in the metadata of the file.
  • A QuickTime or Windows Media video file with burn-in TC.
  • QuickTime video file with time code metadata track that is viewed in QuickTime Pro.
  • Send us a list of the starting time code for each audio or video file.
  • Time stamp your transcript by starting your transcript at 00:00:00.

For more information on our time code service please visit: http://flawlesstranscription.com/time-code